The Old Forge

If you haven’t dined at The Old Forge in Darling yet, you are missing out on an experience that will leave each of your senses properly romanced. Owners Nina and Michelle created something stellar when they moved into this space built in 1910. Smooth, deep south blues floats on the breeze that flows through the large barn doors as the sun washes in from the West. A cozy bar is tucked away behind the beautifully detailed, wooden stair case which rises next to the fireplace with its two wing back chairs. The chandelier from a bygone era suspended in the center of this magnificent roof captivates my imagination and I feel like I could be in a 1920’s Opera house, on the Titanic or drinking English tea in India. Speaking of bygone days; The wooden bar top comes from none other than the legendary Rafiki’s in Kloof Street! Man, if that counter could speak…

I’m leaving it here. I’ll say nothing more about the food, because it’s simply something you’ll have to experience first hand. Phone. Book a table. Just go!

The Old Forge Bar & Restaurant | 7 Long Street - Darling | 072 822 5518

Liné + Jurgen | Gelukkie Paternoster

These sweet, young lovers will steal your heart like they did mine. Their friends and family joined them under the trees of Gelukkie as they said their vows on one of the most perfect West Coast mornings ever. I’m secretly in love with morning weddings, you know. An early start means that you have so much more time to spend with your VIP’s! A fair warning; DO NOT scroll through if you are hungry! The Gelukkie team went all out with the most glorious pastries, cheeses and apple cakes you could possibly imagine. And that wedding cake...omg. Attention was paid to every last detail right down to the terra cotta-potted succulents Liné & Jurgen gifted their guests. I’m grateful for feeling so at home with this family! Thank you for making me part of all the feels ♥

Coordination by Tying Knots | Decor by Ruth from Gelukkie | Venue + Catering by Gelukkie | Make-up by Carli Smallberger | Hair by Hennie | Wedding dress by Biddy Le Maitre | Cake by Charmaine from Mondvol

Robyn + Jarred | Die Strandkombuis

These two hearts are as golden as the light of their sunset. Robyn and Jarred understood the importance of time with their guests and got all the formal stuff out the way even before the ceremony. By the time they said their vows, all that was left to do was kiss like movie stars and party! The sea breeze cooled us down through the open tent on the top of a dune while guests were treated to fresh oysters, bubbly and games. There was such a comfortable flow to the day and I can’t even call spending time with this couple ‘work’. What a treat, to have clients as lovely as these ♥

Hats off to everyone involved. It’s an honor to be associated with such excellent suppliers!

Coordination by Tying Knots | Decor by the couple themselves | Venue & catering by Die Strandkombuis | Hair & make-up by Salon Megz | Wedding dress by Needle & Thread | Cake by Kanya Hunt | Music by Cape DJ’s

Nick + Tammy | Die Strandkombuis

What a beautiful day on the West Coast it was when Tammy married Nick on the dunes of Yzerfontein! This gorgeous rustic seaside venue was glammed up with clean cut modern furniture and delicate blooms, all the while staying true to a natural theme. No wedding is without its hiccups, but the day went off without a hitch thanks to the outstanding organizational skills of Cindy from Tying Knots. I can honestly say that working with everyone involved was an immense pleasure and that they are among the top ranks of the industry. Tammy with her grace and gentle nature stood out in a beautiful gown adorned with feathers and lace. What a knock-out! You’ll soon know what I mean…enjoy the preview!

Coordination | Tying Knots Wedding Coordinators

Decor | aCreate

Venue & Catering | Die Strandkombuis

Hair & Make-up | Catherine M

Cake | Marina Greens

Minister | Rev Josef Brits

DJ | Rolling Audio

TC + Lourens | Ysterberg Limpopo

Limpopo province is a strange place for a girl from the cape. It’s HOT, everything is the same colour and it’s dry enough to make your super soft Sasko turn into rusks by noon. But come sunset and the dusty landscape explodes into the most magnificent red and orange extravaganza your eyes have ever seen! The sky goes up in flames like it’s the last hoorah before the cool evening settles in.

TC and Lourens moved to the Cape in 2010 and brought the fire with them. The roots they’ve grown here has intertwined with those they’ve met and come to love. When they asked me to make the trip for their wedding in their homeland up north, the answer was a resounding YES! Nothing was going to stop me!

They chose Ysterberg Oord for their weekend of celebration; An old train station turned oasis between Mokopane and Polokwane. I will remember this as the most exciting, exhausting, rewarding solo trip of my life. Thank you for the memories, my sweet friends. May we make many more ♥

Erick + Elana | Neo Venue - Wellington

I ‘m a little scared that I might break the internet with the shear magnitude and tremendous beauty of this post. There is a hecking lot of images here, but the simple fact is this: You have to see all of it!

Elana is so graceful. She has this calm, gentle demeanor that you can’t help but gravitate towards. Erick is as gentle-natured as his wife and they welcomed me with open arms. This was truly one of the most beautiful days I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. A divine venue, gorgeous styling, ideal weather and food to die for…everything was perfect right down to the smallest pearl. But as lovely as everything was, it would have been nothing without its people. You always hear me ranting about how awesome the Swartland locals are and that they make the best wedding guests…well, it’s still true. They are people who love soil on their hands, the smell of rain, genuine laughter and rib-crushing hugs. These are Erick and Elana’s people and they are loved. How great is it to know that this huge family has your back?

Here is a little part of the love story that makes up Erick and Elana. It’s only just begun ♥

Venue | Veo Venue - Wellington

Catering | Wilinda Hanekom

Hair + Make-up | Ida Webster

Wedding dress | Rebecca Ingram - Eve’s Bridal Wear

DJ | Mike Engelbrecht

That time I worked for Kusjka...

Back in 2017 I shot along side Kusjka du Plessis under her banner. The wedding was in Noordhoek and it was one of the windiest weddings I have ever had the pleasure of working at…I say that because I secretly love the wind, but only when it comes to photographs! The other thing I secretly love is being a second shooter. It’s not that the pressure is less; Not being in the captain’s seat just means that your main focus can be on the little moments in-between. This wedding was loaded with feels and it’s awesome that I get to show you some. Keep a lookout! You’ll see the lovely Kusjka in a few too…

Cecile + Willie | Baby Bump Shoot

I count my lucky stars every day. I know a bunch of tremendously rad people. Willie and Cecile is as genuine as they come and I’m convinced that this is not their first lifetime together. The moment they saw each other they KNEW. They are also the first ever couple and the only one I know of that got hitched in MERCURY! That should give you some insight into their cool factor…It’s off the charts!

So the next awesome thing on the list was making a tiny cool human. They want to find out if it’s a boy or a girl at birth, so bets are being made and messages are being fervently awaited among friends and family alike. Cecile’s baby shower was literally that: A Shower! It was the stormiest, most miserable day outside, but it was the best, coziest, funniest day inside. And what a spectacular evening we had for the belly shoot!! I hope you dig these pictures! It’s such a huge thing to be part of this journey. You’ve got this, guys!



Fire | A personal creative project

Late night posts. After dinner I sat down for a minute to cull a few images and I got lost. Lost in indigenous blooms and mood, fiery accents and icy blue eyes, flares and heavy shadow. This is my escape, where I can create something ethereal outside of the wedding industry box. Evidently I have a deep love for portraiture and although it might seem like there’s a lot of the same thing, to me there is something unique and striking in every picture. Besides, they are of my loveliest friend. The last image will tell you just how special she is ♥ ♥ ♥

Soundtrack: Fields by Junip & Relaxer by alt-J

Adri & Theo | Boutique Wedding

Girls in white dresses and blue chiffon sashes…Beach sand that stays on my toes and eyelashes…Indigenous leaves and blooms tied up with string…These are a few of my favorite things!

It’s no secret that I adore elopements and intimate weddings. The West Coast welcomed Theo and Adri to Die Strandkombuis this weekend. A cozy dining room beautifully set with a warm fireplace was a welcome contrast to the chilly ocean winds. Beautiful hues of blue and lilac tied in perfectly with the tones of the surroundings.

It was a pleasure to meet this radiant couple and to spend a little time with them. Enjoy the preview ♥

Decor & Flowers | Tying Knots Wedding Coordinators

Venue & Catering | Die Strandkombuis

Hair & Make-up | Megz Hair & Beauty Salon

Cake | Cecile Loubser - CeCiel

The Wedding Boutique | Shantel's fitting

These images are special because it’s the first REAL glimpse of things to come. It’s the unexpected tear jerker, a state secret and a fantasy made of delicate fabric. It surprises you! Sometimes you are so damn sure of what you want, but in a few seconds everything changes. And then you fall in love when you least expect it. Yes, folks, husbands and wedding dresses can be very similar! I wish that I could wear every gown ever made, so when I got to tag along to this fitting I was beyond excited. I have such a weakness for pretty dresses! The Wedding Boutique did not disappoint… Tucked into the heart of Woodstock, it’s every modern bride’s dream; An open space with industrial windows and simplistic design. Rails upon rails draped with the most gorgeous silks, lace, tulle and crystals the wedding industry has to offer lines every wall. I have no idea how you choose. I think it chooses you.

Wynand & Thelma | Wedding Preview

Believe me when I say that there was not a dull moment at this wedding. There are no grey clouds with a guest list like Wynand & Thelma's! The West Coast reeled and the rafters shook when this entourage touched down from Snor City. After this weekend I'm pretty convinced that Pretoria is the Capital of Cool. This was not your ordinary shindig...The sweet fragrance of Hookah Pipe, lions grunting in the distance, the best pick-up lines I've ever heard and a gin auction in aid of the honeymoon fund had me laughing until my cheeks hurt. But make no mistake; The level of hysterics was outmatched by a slew of real, heartfelt, tear soaked moments that left me positively mushy. This is one of the best parts of wedding photography: It's so freakin' cool that I am able to let a couple and their guests relive their best times! Thanks for the memories, Thelma & Wynand. May your good times never stop rolling ♥

Venue | Buffelsfontein Game & Nature Reserve
Hair | Daniélle Smit - The Room
Make-up | By the Bride herself
Wedding dress | By the Bride's mother
DJ | Hermie van der Westhuizen
Photographer's assistant | Leané Koegelenberg

Lourens & TC | Eshoot

I can put out a book on this couple. They are more family than they are friends. Together we've seen the thick and thin of things, shared wine, cereal, inside jokes, TP and a lot of personal space. You know the kind of people who you can call from a phone booth at 2am? This is them! One of my favorite things about them is that they are each other's besties; They just go together like Peanut Butter & Jam and if you haven't caught on yet, they're the toast to my cheese. Here comes the best part:


Listen, folks, I've been waiting a long time for this. Tiny me is freaking out inside and it's getting harder and harder to contain...Especially when I have this caliber of engagement shoot images to share. I can't wait to see TC as the breathtaking bride I know she'll be. I know Lou will be looking very pretty too!

So this is me thanking the universe for sending me such lovely friends ♥

MUAH | Megz Hair & Beauty

Location | White Sands Beach House - Yzerfontein

Francois & Solize | Wedding Preview

It's a special thing to be part of someone's most significant memories. Sometimes it's overwhelming too, with so many things that could go awry. A lot hangs in the balance with wedding photography! Then weddings like this one happens and you can't remember what you were stressed about in the first place. The attention to detail paid to every aspect of this sensational celebration was something to be marveled. Everything was planned so well and executed with such excellence!

Thank you for sharing a little of your journey with me, Francois and Solize. It was a tremendous pleasure to be part of this adventure ♥

Wedding Venue | Olive Rock
Hair & Make-up | Yolande du Toit
Wedding dress | Ever After Bridal Wear
Cake | Creative baking by Jurita
DJ | Man with Music
Photographer's Assistent | Leané Koegelenberg

Erick & Elana | Wedding Preview

I get excited about drama. I totally do! And by that I mean moody pallets, heavy skies, golden light and a burgundy lip...the kind that Elana wears SO DAMN WELL! Gosh. And I love great people. This celebration of love was a true family affair with all the feels. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that absolutely everything was absolutely perfect; From the weather to the food, to perfectly timed jokes and gorgeous, fresh blooms. I'm so excited about these images! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Engelbrecht! Thank you for bringing me along for the ride! Enjoy your preview xxx

Service Providers

Venue | Neo Venue - Wellington
Flowers | Flower it
Catering | Wilinda Hanekom Spyseniering
Hair & Make-up | Ida Webster Hair & Make-up
Wedding dress | Rebecca Ingram - Eve's Bridalwear

Marnus & Elmé | Intimate Wedding

There is a reason I love small weddings more than any other wedding. Make no mistake: Large celebrations are awesome in their own right. It's the intimacy that really gets me though...with smaller guest lists you have time to have a conversation with every person you invited. There are more opportunities to just take a moment and absorb all those wonderful sensations. 

Every now and then you meet a couple and you think, "Oh so THAT'S how you're supposed to do it!" That's Elmé and Marnus. Their road to Paternoster wasn't the smoothest, but they took it in their stride and decided that their wedding was going to rock, no matter what. And it did! If you ask me about my favorite part of their nuptials, it's without a doubt the attendance of their fur-kids! I go all weird when there are animals at weddings...just a heads up.

Yay for Love! Yay for Marnus and Elmé!


Coordination | Tying Knots Wedding Coordinators
Flowers & Decor | Ruth Nisbet of Blooming Wild
Venue & Catering | Gaatjie Restaurant, Paternoster
Hair & Make-up | Makeup by Catherine M
Cake | Joy's Cakes