Steyn Family | Derdesteen

I have big love for this bunch. An Afrikaans boy married an English rose and they made the most beautiful kids. I’m super proud to call them friends and I can’t wait for our next beach stroll together.

James + Mynie | Die Strandkombuis

These lovers tied the knot on the dunes of Yzerfontein a little while ago and it is my great honour to share a little bit of their magic with you. And I don’t use the word in vain; Mynie is an absolute fairy tale princess! Her wedding gown took my breath away! A floral silk bodice adorned with pearls, stones and lace details that trail onto layers of hidden soft pink and turquoise tulle…James is not the only one rendered speechless by her beauty. With these boutique-style weddings you don’t get to spend much time with a couple, because everything happens in 3 hours. The amazing thing is that it’s enough time for someone to make a mark that will always remain. Mynie & James, it was a pleasure indeed!

Service Providers

Venue: Die Strandkombuis | Decor, flowers and coordination by Tying Knots | Catering by Die Strandkombuis | Hair by & Make-up by Salon Megz | Cake by CeCiel

Bianca + Claude | Gelukkie Paternoster

Now and then a couple comes along who shakes your foundations. I didn’t put out a full preview on this wedding, because I felt the need to sit among these moments first; Kind of like spending time in a library surrounded by fascinating books. Claude and Bianca’s love became evident long before the day when they exchanged rings. Their love lives outside of them, in their own tiny bodies. Their children are the living testament of a commitment made long ago that surpasses any legal document or shiny band. As someone who doesn’t have kids of my own, I kind of ‘got it’, watching them do their thing. Family is life and they are doing it right! C+B, the pleasure was most certainly all mine!

Venue, Catering and Flowers: Gelukkie | Coordination by Tying Knots | MUAH by Elmarie Koch from Labut Emporium | Wedding dress from Bridal Unique | Traditional Scottish Attire from Staghorn Scottish Outfitting & Kilt Hire | Cake by Joy Clokie

Philip + Jo | Die Strandkombuis

What was supposed to be a quick preview turned into a full fledged wedding blog! I just couldn’t help myself; There are too many beautiful things about this day. The moment I arrived at Die Strandkombuis and walked into the shelter of that huge stretched tent, I knew that there was no limit to the level of attention to detail. Everything had meaning; From the smallest Chuckle to the Celtic knot pendants Philip made for Jo’s daughters. These knots also featured on decor and stationery: Delicate glass urns and pots were engraved with this Quaternary symbol and neatly stamped silver wax seals adorned table decor and seating charts. Shades of duck egg and pale blue complimented the Dusty Miller that was used in bouquets and arrangements perfectly. Adding to this deliciously dusty dream were Café au Lait roses as big as tennis balls! Be still, my heart! The sentiment surrounding all these elements stretched like an intricate web from Jo and Philip’s hearts, through the heart ache and laughter life has given them, to the hearts of their guests. This is the start of a brand new chapter; There is much to celebrate!

Enough of my banter! See for yourself how things came together to create wedding perfection. Hats off and glasses up to everyone involved; I’ll brave anything with you!

Venue: Die Strandkombuis | Coordination by Tying Knots | Decor by West Coast Event Shed | Catering by Die Strandkombuis | Bridesmaids’ Hair + Make-up by Catherine M | Cake by A Cake Story | DJ Cape DJs | Stationery by Toasts & Tassels and Yolande B Caligraphy | Photobooth by Oh Snap Photobooth | Flowers by Flowers on the Stoep | Bride’s hair by Salon Megz

Linda + Nadine | Paternoster Elopement

If you were to write their names backwards it would spell F-U-N. I will say this: You cannot compress, encapsulate or contain this type of love. Being present on this heavily overcast day when Linda and Nadine exchanged vows was like food for my soul. I’m going to dig deep for the ultimate in cheese with the following analogy: Soap and water; Two very things that become pure magic when shaken together: BUBBLES. The child-like excitement and unabridged joy that bursts forth when these two individuals are in each other’s company is almost indescribable; There is this playfulness that competes their intimacy so beautifully! I’m happy about the weather we had. Without sun light to saturate the environment, our surroundings just faded away and left only Linda and Nadine, happily skipping and laughing their way into forever.

Thank you for choosing South Africa, and thank you for choosing us. May you continue to teach how to love with total abandonment wherever you go, and may our paths cross again xx

DREAM TEAM | Venue: Die Gaatjie Restaurant and Gelukkie | Coordination by Tying Knots | MUAH by B’s Gallery | Cake by Joy’s Cakes | Bouquets by Ruth Nisbit

Louise + Bryan | Die Woud

I met Mr. & Mrs. English when I photographed Louise’s brother’s wedding in the Spring of 2017. I probably don’t have to tell you how ridiculously excited I was when I received an email from Lulu, asking me to be their photographer as well. I counted down the months, then the weeks and finally I counted down the days. The trip to Caledon felt like forever and when I woke up on this glorious Friday morning I felt like a child on Christmas! Everything Louise and Bryan dreamed of came alive with the creativity of the professionals involved. I’m still at a loss for words and when I look at these images I have to pinch myself and say, “Yes, Jude, this really happened!”

L + B, all I can wish for is that you feel the same when you sink into these photographs; That every butterfly, smile and tear steps into the light again under the leafy canopies of memory. May love carry you always and may you find shelter and strength in each other every day of your lives. Most importantly, may you always laugh as wildly and beautifully as you did on this day ♥

Venue: Die Woud | Coordination by Leandré Muller | Flowers by Creative Nook | Stationery by Susan Brand | Catering by Die Woud | Hair by Love Hair Boutique | Make-up by Wonderfully Made | Wedding dress by Didi Couture | Cake by the Bride herself and Janine Louw of Die Woud | DJ DJ Pepe SA | Videographer Aletta Francina Film | Assistant Photographer Sonja Walker

The Old Forge

If you haven’t dined at The Old Forge in Darling yet, you are missing out on an experience that will leave each of your senses properly romanced. Owners Nina and Michelle created something stellar when they moved into this space built in 1910. Smooth, deep south blues floats on the breeze that flows through the large barn doors as the sun washes in from the West. A cozy bar is tucked away behind the beautifully detailed, wooden stair case which rises next to the fireplace with its two wing back chairs. The chandelier from a bygone era suspended in the center of this magnificent roof captivates my imagination and I feel like I could be in a 1920’s Opera house, on the Titanic or drinking English tea in India. Speaking of bygone days; The wooden bar top comes from none other than the legendary Rafiki’s in Kloof Street! Man, if that counter could speak…

I’m leaving it here. I’ll say nothing more about the food, because it’s simply something you’ll have to experience first hand. Phone. Book a table. Just go!

The Old Forge Bar & Restaurant | 7 Long Street - Darling | 072 822 5518