Erick + Elana | Neo Venue - Wellington

I ‘m a little scared that I might break the internet with the shear magnitude and tremendous beauty of this post. There is a hecking lot of images here, but the simple fact is this: You have to see all of it!

Elana is so graceful. She has this calm, gentle demeanor that you can’t help but gravitate towards. Erick is as gentle-natured as his wife and they welcomed me with open arms. This was truly one of the most beautiful days I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. A divine venue, gorgeous styling, ideal weather and food to die for…everything was perfect right down to the smallest pearl. But as lovely as everything was, it would have been nothing without its people. You always hear me ranting about how awesome the Swartland locals are and that they make the best wedding guests…well, it’s still true. They are people who love soil on their hands, the smell of rain, genuine laughter and rib-crushing hugs. These are Erick and Elana’s people and they are loved. How great is it to know that this huge family has your back?

Here is a little part of the love story that makes up Erick and Elana. It’s only just begun ♥

Venue | Veo Venue - Wellington

Catering | Wilinda Hanekom

Hair + Make-up | Ida Webster

Wedding dress | Rebecca Ingram - Eve’s Bridal Wear

DJ | Mike Engelbrecht