Cecile + Willie | Baby Bump Shoot

I count my lucky stars every day. I know a bunch of tremendously rad people. Willie and Cecile is as genuine as they come and I’m convinced that this is not their first lifetime together. The moment they saw each other they KNEW. They are also the first ever couple and the only one I know of that got hitched in MERCURY! That should give you some insight into their cool factor…It’s off the charts!

So the next awesome thing on the list was making a tiny cool human. They want to find out if it’s a boy or a girl at birth, so bets are being made and messages are being fervently awaited among friends and family alike. Cecile’s baby shower was literally that: A Shower! It was the stormiest, most miserable day outside, but it was the best, coziest, funniest day inside. And what a spectacular evening we had for the belly shoot!! I hope you dig these pictures! It’s such a huge thing to be part of this journey. You’ve got this, guys!