TC + Lourens | Ysterberg Limpopo

Limpopo province is a strange place for a girl from the cape. It’s HOT, everything is the same colour and it’s dry enough to make your super soft Sasko turn into rusks by noon. But come sunset and the dusty landscape explodes into the most magnificent red and orange extravaganza your eyes have ever seen! The sky goes up in flames like it’s the last hoorah before the cool evening settles in.

TC and Lourens moved to the Cape in 2010 and brought the fire with them. The roots they’ve grown here has intertwined with those they’ve met and come to love. When they asked me to make the trip for their wedding in their homeland up north, the answer was a resounding YES! Nothing was going to stop me!

They chose Ysterberg Oord for their weekend of celebration; An old train station turned oasis between Mokopane and Polokwane. I will remember this as the most exciting, exhausting, rewarding solo trip of my life. Thank you for the memories, my sweet friends. May we make many more ♥