Fire, air, earth & water; The fundamentals of our existence. These basic elements have sustained us for centuries and we have grown beyond imagination. Our simplicity has evolved to a time where everything around us has to be bigger and better. Online we are constantly bombarded with visually enticing marketing strategies and our message notifications keep coming, one after the other. There are times when I feel completely over-stimulated and I yearn for a moment to shut it all out and just breathe clean, uncluttered air.

The internet is an inspiriational platform, but it can be a very confusing place for creatives. We are always comparing ourselves to the last amazing post we saw. While we try to mimic and mold ourselves into what we think the trend is telling us to be, we lose track of our individuality. We needed to regroup...

In this creative session I wanted to break away from everything elaborate. I wanted to prioritize architecture with simple styling and steer away from over-processed imagery...Almost like a detox for the eyes! I hope that you enjoy this exercise in the fundamentals of composition, balance and that age-old concept of 'less is more' as much as we did. 

Service Providers

The Beach House Collective | There is no better place to re-center than at White Sands. This location revives you as the ocean air streams through the large windows. It's modern simplicity at its best and this open, uncluttered space is so good for the soul!

Megz Hair & Beauty | This dream-team of hair and make-up fundis is situated conveniently within Yzerfontein. They'll take care of you whether you're getting married or just in need of a good pampering sesh.

Rene H Couture | She's not only a talented designer and a magnificent seamstress. She is your fairy godmother! Thank you for the beautiful tulle skirt worn in this shoot.

Stitched | Boys need nice things on their big day too! Claire hand crafts the most incredible accessories for the discerning groom and his mates, like the tie worn in this shoot. The crystal tiara was also made by her.

Haus of Decor | The high back cane chair used in this shoot is from their showroom in Yzerfontein.

A special thanks to our amazing models, TC and Lourens