The Wedding Boutique | Shantel's fitting

These images are special because it’s the first REAL glimpse of things to come. It’s the unexpected tear jerker, a state secret and a fantasy made of delicate fabric. It surprises you! Sometimes you are so damn sure of what you want, but in a few seconds everything changes. And then you fall in love when you least expect it. Yes, folks, husbands and wedding dresses can be very similar! I wish that I could wear every gown ever made, so when I got to tag along to this fitting I was beyond excited. I have such a weakness for pretty dresses! The Wedding Boutique did not disappoint… Tucked into the heart of Woodstock, it’s every modern bride’s dream; An open space with industrial windows and simplistic design. Rails upon rails draped with the most gorgeous silks, lace, tulle and crystals the wedding industry has to offer lines every wall. I have no idea how you choose. I think it chooses you.