Wynand & Thelma | Wedding Preview

Believe me when I say that there was not a dull moment at this wedding. There are no grey clouds with a guest list like Wynand & Thelma's! The West Coast reeled and the rafters shook when this entourage touched down from Snor City. After this weekend I'm pretty convinced that Pretoria is the Capital of Cool. This was not your ordinary shindig...The sweet fragrance of Hookah Pipe, lions grunting in the distance, the best pick-up lines I've ever heard and a gin auction in aid of the honeymoon fund had me laughing until my cheeks hurt. But make no mistake; The level of hysterics was outmatched by a slew of real, heartfelt, tear soaked moments that left me positively mushy. This is one of the best parts of wedding photography: It's so freakin' cool that I am able to let a couple and their guests relive their best times! Thanks for the memories, Thelma & Wynand. May your good times never stop rolling ♥

Venue | Buffelsfontein Game & Nature Reserve
Hair | Daniélle Smit - The Room
Make-up | By the Bride herself
Wedding dress | By the Bride's mother
DJ | Hermie van der Westhuizen
Photographer's assistant | Leané Koegelenberg