Linda + Nadine | Paternoster Elopement

If you were to write their names backwards it would spell F-U-N. I will say this: You cannot compress, encapsulate or contain this type of love. Being present on this heavily overcast day when Linda and Nadine exchanged vows was like food for my soul. I’m going to dig deep for the ultimate in cheese with the following analogy: Soap and water; Two very things that become pure magic when shaken together: BUBBLES. The child-like excitement and unabridged joy that bursts forth when these two individuals are in each other’s company is almost indescribable; There is this playfulness that competes their intimacy so beautifully! I’m happy about the weather we had. Without sun light to saturate the environment, our surroundings just faded away and left only Linda and Nadine, happily skipping and laughing their way into forever.

Thank you for choosing South Africa, and thank you for choosing us. May you continue to teach how to love with total abandonment wherever you go, and may our paths cross again xx

DREAM TEAM | Venue: Die Gaatjie Restaurant and Gelukkie | Coordination by Tying Knots | MUAH by B’s Gallery | Cake by Joy’s Cakes | Bouquets by Ruth Nisbit