Bianca + Claude | Gelukkie Paternoster

Now and then a couple comes along who shakes your foundations. I didn’t put out a full preview on this wedding, because I felt the need to sit among these moments first; Kind of like spending time in a library surrounded by fascinating books. Claude and Bianca’s love became evident long before the day when they exchanged rings. Their love lives outside of them, in their own tiny bodies. Their children are the living testament of a commitment made long ago that surpasses any legal document or shiny band. As someone who doesn’t have kids of my own, I kind of ‘got it’, watching them do their thing. Family is life and they are doing it right! C+B, the pleasure was most certainly all mine!

Venue, Catering and Flowers: Gelukkie | Coordination by Tying Knots | MUAH by Elmarie Koch from Labut Emporium | Wedding dress from Bridal Unique | Traditional Scottish Attire from Staghorn Scottish Outfitting & Kilt Hire | Cake by Joy Clokie