Do you only shoot weddings?

Weddings take up the majority of my calendar, but I absolutely love smaller shoots! I do engagements (planned and surprise!), couple sessions, post wedding shoots, trash-the-dress shoots, food photography, editorial photography and family shoots too. Contact me if you would like to know more about my rates and availability.

Can we tailor a package to our specific needs?

Absolutely! Get in touch and we can talk about shaping a package that fits like a glove.

How do deposits and cancellations work?

A payment of 50% of your total quote secures your booking and the remaining fees are payable no later than the week prior to your shoot. The cancellation and refund policy detailed in my service agreement is designed to protect both parties. Just send me an email and I will be happy to forward all the necessary information to you.

Do you charge for travel and accommodation? 

I live in Yzerfontein which is about 60km from Bloubergstrand on the Cape West Coast. I don't normally charge travel or accommodation for weddings falling within a 60km radius. I include travel or a part thereof in many of my packages and I only need accommodation when shooting weddings that end very late. I understand that accommodation for service providers are not top priority when planning a wedding, so I will do my best to find the most affordable options available in case we need to stay over.

Do you do Videography?

Unfortunately not; I am solely a photographer. Please contact me or a wedding provider network for recommendations.

What happens if you can't shoot due to unforeseen circumstances?

If something should happen and I am unable to shoot, your retainer will be refunded in full and I will help you find a suitable replacement if I am able. 

Can you include or man a photo booth at the reception?

Although a photo booth is a lot of fun, it's not a service I offer. I prefer to focus all my attention on capturing beautiful, candid moments.


How much do you cover on the day?

As much as time allows. With smaller packages it is sometimes necessary to compromise as it's not always possible to squeeze a 9 hour wedding into a 4 hour time frame. It all depends on how you structure your day, which is something I am more than happy to help you with. Photography is all about light! We will work together to determine a timeline best suited to your plans and what's most important to you. 

What if something goes wrong with your equipment?

Touch wood, but I always have back-up gear! I take great care to ensure that everything I use is in good condition and working order, but should something malfunction on the day, there will be another to replace it. Memory cards and computer equipment sometimes act up, but I make digital back-ups of everything as I go.  I do everything in my power to prevent loss of any kind, because these kind of memories are irreplaceable.

Posing for photo's makes me uncomfortable! I hate photo's!

Have no fear! 99% Guarantee that you will walk away smiling and saying that it was actually a lot of fun! I have a very natural approach and what you might call posing, I call directing. I will help you along the way and there will be lots of laughing and no pressure. A lot of the time I would want you to feel that I wasn't even there at all. It's all about sweet, real, intimate moments and I'll never ask you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. I just move with and around the awesomeness that is you.

How long do you need for the couple shoot at the wedding?

I usually spend 15 minutes on family pictures, 30 minutes on pictures with you and the bridal party and about 45 minutes to an hour with only the two of you. The best time for the couple shoot is around sunset; You get a beautiful warm, soft glow as the sun descends, giving pictures that romantic quality. These are only estimates, of course, as time is sometimes a luxury. 

What if the weather is bad?

I've learnt to work with the wild west coast weather patterns! That is the one thing nobody will be able to control on the day. It's not something to fear though; Some of my favorite images were taken in gale force winds and rain. Clouds make some people a tad nervous, but they are a saving grace for photographers... almost like having a giant studio soft box in the sky! I have these lovely see-through umbrellas which make awesome props on rainy days, but most wedding venues have beautiful covered or indoor spaces we can use if it's too wet outside. Super bright, midday sun is a lot more difficult to work with than 'bad' weather.

I have a friend who would love to take some pictures on the day too...   

By all means! All I ask is that he / she respects the space I work and move in. There are crucial moments you don't get a second chance on and what would you be paying me for if I miss them? At the couple shoot I usually allow 10 minutes for others to take photo's, after which I need privacy with the couple.

What if we go over time?

Things don't always go as planned and I don't mind staying 10 or 15 minutes after my cut-off time as long as it's reasonable. Additional time above and beyond will be charged for at an hourly rate.

Do we have to cater for you?

Usually it's not necessary with smaller weddings, as we are not there long enough.

Weddings of more than 6 hours are hard on the back and legs, so having somewhere to sit down and change batteries etc. at the reception is greatly appreciated. This is also something we can just chat about when you plan! There are a few venues that I am so used to by now that I know exactly where to park my gear and myself. It's not necessary to seat us with your guests, but it helps to be close to the action as to not miss anything.

Food is not a prerequisite, but with long weddings it's not always possible to carry meals with us. We sometimes start shooting at 13:00, stop to regroup around 19:00 and pack up at 22:00, by which time things are quite soggy and the tyres are flat. However, you need only to say the word should you wish that we look after ourselves for dinner.


How soon can we see pictures?

I like to give clients a small selection of edited images as a 'preview' within the first week after the wedding.

When do we receive the final product?

My lead time is between 8 and 12 weeks, depending on the time of year and my workload. Although I would like to say that I will finish your shoot as quickly as possible, I don't want to rush the process either. I spend time on each photograph I give you, making sure that everything about the picture is just right. I want to be proud of every image I hand over, and this attention to detail takes time. Believe me when I say that I am just as excited about your snaps as you are!

How do we get the pictures from you?

When I am finished with your wedding you'll receive an email with a link to a private online gallery which you will be able to access with a password. This collection contains all the smaller, web-friendly versions of your photographs. From there you are able to download and share them with family and friends across your online platforms. Others will also be able to access your collection, but only if you supply them with your password.

The high resolution files which you will use for printing will be written to a USB and packed along with any extras your wedding package might include. If you live in the area you can collect your parcel from my home, or I will mail it to your nearest SAPO or PostNet desk at no extra cost. If you prefer faster shipment, you are welcome to arrange for it to be picked up by a courier service at your own expense. 

How many images do we get?

The longer I shoot the more images you will receive. A minimum quantity is specified with each package, but I always end up giving more. This is because I don't hold back any good images. I only discard blurred and useless images. If there are 1000 good photo's, 1000 photo's you'll get!

Can we have ALL the files including discarded and RAW files?

Unfortunately not. This is part of my policy for many reasons. You won't be able to do much with the RAW files if you are not into digital editing and you won't want to do much with the rejected pictures either. As mentioned, I will NEVER keep a good image from you, so you will get everything usable. I export your images at the largest file size possible, so rest easy that your jpg's will be of the highest quality possible.

Do you give some pictures in Black & White?

I most certainly do! I LOVE black and white images. If I could do an entire wedding in Black and white I would. That being said, I am quite selective about the images I convert. I always try to supply all B&W's as duplicates of colour pictures, so you'll have both. You can always let me know if there are other images that you particularly want converted. I will redo up to 10 photo's free of charge, after which a processing fee will apply.

What if we don't like our photo's?

I try to be as open and honest about my work as I possibly can, so that there are no misunderstandings about how I work. I do my best to make sure that I shoot to the best of my ability in the circumstances I am presented with. I don't use heavy filters and I don't do heavy cosmetic editing. I cannot accept responsibility for elements of the day outside of my control. By the time you book me I trust that you will be well acquainted with my style and that I am exactly what you are looking for. It's very important that we are a good fit, as our journey together goes far beyond just spending a few hours together making pictures. 

We don't want our photo's publicized on the web or on social media...

Social media is a very large part of how I operate; It's how I land my next job. The wedding photography industry is extremely competitive and ever evolving. It's is important for me to keep content fresh and current. I am so very proud of all the beautiful couples I get to photograph and I love showing them off the world. I completely understand that your privacy is important and I would never want to do anything to infringe upon your rights, so let me know if this is something that concerns you. This ties in to us being a good fit.

Can we do printing through you?

Absolutely! I have a few excellent print houses I work with and prices are available upon request.